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A visit to the beautiful town of Chichester is never complete without calling in at the cathedral, but for us it’s all business as we visit the homes of our customers in the area. Maybe that’s just us, but that’s what comes of 35 years dedicated to establishing a specialist home heating company that’s grown into a nationwide outfit. We offer new boiler installation and boiler servicing to residents of Chichester, providing an experienced and professional team right through from our admin staff to our engineers. We can deliver a full boiler breakdown cover package alongside a 24/7, 365 days a year HelpLine. Call us today and let us tell you what we can do for you.

New Boiler Installation Service Details

We cover a range of areas across the country and can install, replace and service boilers for anyone in the town of Chichester. For the sake of being thorough, we always survey properties before confirming your chosen boiler; we need to make sure the new boiler you select will be adequate for the number of radiators and demand for hot water in your home.

In many cases, we will be able to complete the whole process of choosing, purchasing and completing a new boiler installation within 48 hours. All installations are carried out by our Gas Safe engineers. We use floor covers, shoe covers and a full hoover and clean removing any leftover dust and grime that occurs during installation. Once the job is complete, your engineer will offer basic training in the use of your new appliance, walking you through the necessary processes. If you need further training or assistance down the line, you can use our free phone support hotline.

Every new boiler installation is followed up usually within 48 hours by a visit from an inspector. The purpose of this is to check the appliance is installed and working correctly, check that your home was left clean and tidy, and ask for your feedback on the quality of service provided by Dyson Energy Services.

Boiler Servicing in Chichester

Before we get into it, please note: we currently only offer our boiler servicing cover packages on boilers that we have installed ourselves. It is an add-on service that supports our new boiler installation service.

Our new boiler servicing package provides you with an emergency contact number that is manned 24/7, 365 days a year. When a boiler breaks down, we treat the case as a high priority and will strive to have an engineer visit your home and perform a full diagnostic for repair within 24 hours. We have a specialist team of Gas Safe engineers with years of experience dealing with broken-down boilers. All of them carry PDAs that give them remote access to our in-house fault diagnostics system, which benefits from the input of our entire team.

Our engineers carry many of the most crucial new boiler components in their vans. This shortens response times and enables more repairs to be completed in a single visit. If the engineer needs a specialist part, they can report to one of our head branches, which have trade counters that stock a more extensive range of components. All of this minimises the need to approach the boiler’s manufacturer to obtain parts; which can cause unwanted delays, so we aim to avoid it as much as possible.

Our boiler servicing package includes, among other things, a full annual service of your boiler. This involves a system health check, which enables us to diagnose potential issues before they take effect upon the appliance.

Reasons to Choose Dyson Energy Services

– Our company has been operating for 35 years and has grown into a trusted nationwide provider of home heating services. We are a specialist new boiler installer and trusted by local housing authorities for maintaining heating systems for hundreds of homes throughout the country. We also work closely with the big five energy providers, helping them to achieve compliance with government ECO obligations.

– We continuously research and identify the latest government grants, money-back schemes and benefits. With our help, you can skip the hassle of having to find and obtain these benefits yourself – we will apply for them on your behalf if you are eligible.

– Our purpose-built training facility, where all our new boiler installer engineers receive their training, is the envy of the heating industry. Our Training and Facility Service sells training programmes to other local Come Heating Companies, as other professionals in the industry recognise our proficiency and aptitude. All engineers trained by us are Gas Safe approved.

– We can provide a 10-year warranty for every new boiler we install. In our 35 years in the industry, we have developed strong relationships with the majority of leading boiler manufacturers, and can thus deliver fantastic competitive product pricing to ensure our service is cost-effective for our customers. Dyson Energy Services is also a nationwide provider and installer of PV Solar systems, with a commitment to working for a future of cleaner renewable energy.

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