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Our team of highly qualified Gas Safe engineers have spent more than 35 years installing new boilers in Portsmouth. Covering everywhere from Southsea to Cosham. We know the area about as well as we know the beautiful Historic Dockyard. In that time, we are proud to have become one of Portsmouth, and the nation’s, leading new boiler installation and servicing firms.

We offer everything from admin to installation, and our team of competent engineers are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Better yet, our in-house Full Boiler Breakdown Cover Package is the perfect way to help you sleep easier at night, knowing your heating system is in safe hands. Just fill out the enquiry form below to learn more.

New Boiler Installation Service Details

Our services are available to all households in Portsmouth, regardless of whether you need a new boiler installation or a replacement. Before fitting a boiler in your home, we first carry out a pre-installation inspection, to ensure it is the ideal appliance suited to your home.

This includes calculating the quantity of hot water you require day to day and checking the number and size of radiators in your home. As a result, we can specify a boiler that is adequate for your needs. We pride ourselves on fast and efficient service and can offer most homes in Portsmouth a new boiler installation in as little as 48 hours.

We also take all necessary steps to protect your home from grime or dust that comes with fitting a boiler. We cover floors, wear shoe covers throughout the house, and even hoover and clean once finished! And to help you get full use out of your new appliance, all of our engineers offer a walkthrough and essential training service as standard.

If you do have any other issues that you cannot amend yourself, then please call our Free Phone customer support number for further assistance. The final thing you can expect is a quick visit from one of our senior inspectors within 48 hours once installation is complete. Their job is to check everything is running smoothly and that you were satisfied with your overall experience.

Boiler servicing in Portsmouth

We currently offer a Servicing Cover Package on all new boilers we install for our customers. This additional service gives you added peace of mind should for any reason your appliance develop a fault or breakdown; then our emergency support is available right away. You will receive an emergency contact number that you can ring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

But please do note, this service is only available to customers for whom we have installed new boilers. If you select this package and do need our help, then we aim to get any issues fixed right away. If we cannot handle the problem over the phone, then one of our specialist engineers will be with you within 24 hours.

This engineer will, of course, be Gas Safe registered and will have years of experience spent dealing with boiler breakdowns. All our engineers carry a tablet device which allows them to gain remote access to the expertise and know-how of all of our company’s engineers via an in-house shared knowledge database. Meaning they have decades worth of knowledge there with them, allowing them to fix any issue.

We stock a range of standard boiler components on all our service and repair vehicles. Our emergency assist engineers are generally able to repair your boiler on the initial visit.

Should a more specific component be required for the repair, then one of our Head Branches will usually have the part available for rapid pick up or delivery, as opposed to ordering it directly from the manufacturer. As a final note, all of our servicing packages include an annual full-boiler service free. Servicing boilers yearly keep them safe, running efficiently and often avoid faults and failures due to early diagnosis of potential problems.

Reasons to Choose Dyson Energy Services

Having been around now for more than 35 years, we are without a doubt one of the UK’s leading new boiler installer and servicing companies. Trusted by many local House Authorities, who require us to maintain and renew the heating systems for hundreds of their residents homes across the country.

We stay abreast of all current government home heating related grants and schemes and will apply for aid on your behalf. This helps remove the hassle and stress from you, allowing you to save money when possible.

All our new boiler installer technicians are Gas Safe approved.

We have our own purpose-built training facility to keep our engineers updated and competent to install and maintain modern boiler systems. Our training facility is also used by Third Party companies thus showing a measure of how professional the service is.

For more information on the services offered by Dyson Energy Services please contact a member of our Customer Support Team today.

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