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Generate your own electricity and beat the energy price rises, with a new solar panels installation complete with solar storage
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Dyson Energy Services

Setting the standards for over 40 years

Established in 1982, Dyson Energy Services is one of the UK’s leading companies providing energy-saving solutions to residential homes.

With over 40 years of experience in the heating, insulation, and renewables industry, we estimate to have installed approaching 3 million energy-saving measures in UK homes.

Our company ethos is to put people first, whether it’s our employees or our customers. Over the past four decades, we have taken the initiative to invest in people. We do this through continuous training and upskilling our multi-talented workforce.

With over 40 years' experience - we are a brand you can trust

We provide our customers with a range of energy efficiency measures delivered and installed to the highest possible standard. We can help you save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Save money on your energy bills and improve the EPC rating of your home with cavity wall Insulation.

Cavity Wall Extraction

Do you have defective insulation? We can help you remove the existing cavity insulation and replace with new material.

Under Floor Insulation

Find out if your property is suitable for Underfloor insulation – apply for a FREE survey on your property,

Loft Insulation

Don’t let a third of the heat from your home be lost through your roof – save money on your energy bills and prevent heat loss with loft insulation.

Room in Roof Insulation

Insulate rooms in your loft or attic – keep warm this winter with room in roof insulation..

Internal Wall Insulation

It’s possible to add an extra warm layer to your walls at home – if your property is not suitable for cavity wall insulation, internal wall insulation could be the perfect energy efficiency solution for you.

External Wall Insulation

Add an extra layer of thermal and acoustic insulation to your outside wall, helping to weatherproof your solid walls.

First Time Central Heating

Looking for a first-time central heating system? Look no further – we can help.

Boiler Installation

Cost-effective boiler installation – upgrade your old inefficient boiler and start saving on your energy bills.

Air Source Heat Pump Installation

Replace your dependence on Gas and go-green with an Air Source Heat Pump installation.

Solar Battery Installation

Store the electricity you produce with new solar batteries, supply and installation

Solar Panel Installation

Generate your own electricity and beat the energy price rises, with solar panels.
Dyson Energy Services is a proud delivery partner of the Connected for Warmth Scheme, which offers fully funded cavity wall insulation and loft insulation (subject to survey and criteria) to households in Council Tax Bands A – D.  Households that qualify can have one or both of these energy efficiency measures.
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Supporting our customers from enquiry to install

We set the standards

Is home insulation FREE?

Yes!  You may be eligible for FREE home insulation, subject to a free home energy survey. The Connected for Warmth Scheme offers owner occupiers/private tenants and private landlords, fully funded cavity wall insulation and loft insulation to households in Council Tax Bands A – D.  Households that qualify can have one or both of these energy efficiency measures.

The scheme is funded by National Grid – part of their commitment to alleviating the financial distress by rising energy costs.

Find out more about the Connected for Warmth scheme.

Where are you located?

We’re a nationwide company with offices located throughout England and Scotland. These include Yorkshire, Glasgow, Merseyside, Northampton, Southampton, Washington, Kendal and Kent. We invest in local employment to support the jobs and skills in the areas we’re based in.

Can you get 0% VAT when you install solar PV?

Thanks to an announcement by the government, householders can now benefit from 0% VAT, saving extra money when having insulation and solar panels installed.

How long will my insulation last for ?

Most types of insulation can last for to between 20 – 40 years, depending on the type of insulation installed in your property.

For cavity wall insulation, installations completed by registered professional installers are guaranteed by the Installation Assurance Authority (IAA) for 25 years.

Can I have old insulation removed and new insulation installed?

It really depends on the condition of the old insulation. For simple loft insulation, providing it’s not damp, insulation can be laid over the top of the existing insulation. However, if it’s another type of insulation such as a cavity, the old insulation can be removed, cleaned and reinstalled.

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