You could be entitled to FUNDING to convert to renewable energy
Convert from Gas to renewable energy
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Produce your own electricity with solar panels
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You could be eligible for FUNDING to convert to renewable energy

If you’re considering making your home energy-efficient, there’s never been a better time. The Government and energy companies are committed to helping the UK meet its environmental obligations and also beat fuel poverty. There is funding available to every household in the UK.

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Converting your home to generate energy has never been easier. Modern technology, such as Solar PV, Air Source Heat Pumps and Battery Storage ensures that residential homes can become self-sufficient without having to solely rely on the national grid.

With the energy crisis becoming more apparent since April 2022 when we have seen a huge increase in cost, the demand for green appliances has certainly increased for people who’re able to pay for the appliances and installation, taking advantage of the UK Governments Boiler Upgrade Scheme to move over to greener energy.

There is also help for households who may not be able to pay for renewable energy appliances, with a new criteria set out under the ECO scheme which some households may qualify for both solar panel installation and also air source heat pumps.

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