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ASHP Installed in a residential property

Air Source Heat Pump Installation

Benefit from £7,500 grant through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme

Air source heat pumps (ASHP) are appliances that use a refrigerant process to absorb heat from the outside air and then transfer that heat into a building’s water or heating system.

It’s a device that can be used in both cold and warm climates to heat or cool buildings, making it a versatile option for both residential and commercial properties. Air source heat pumps are also more efficient than traditional heating systems, using very little electricity to run.

Air source heat pumps are a low-carbon more environmentally friendly way of heating your home.  With the energy price cap increase from April and the expected rise again in October, it is a great way to combat those ever-increasing energy bills and become less reliant on fossil fuels.

It is important to insulate your home first

it is important to assess whether your home is adequately insulated beforehand.  Energy-saving insulation measures, such as cavity wall and loft insulation, will reduce the heat loss from your home and maximise how effective a newly installed air source heat pump will be. Quite often underfloor heating is advised to maximise the heat from an ASHP.

Government Boiler Upgrade Scheme

In an effort to encourage homeowners to upgrade their heating system to a low-carbon alternative, such as air source heat pumps, the UK government has recently launched a Boiler Upgrade Scheme.  This scheme offers grants of £7,500 to eligible households living in England and Wales, which will contribute to the overall cost of air-source heat pumps.

The air source heat pump grant scheme will run until 2028, which has been extended from an end date of 2025.

Find out more about the £7,500 grants available through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme.

How much is it to have an air source heat pump installed?

Installing an air source heat pump in your home can cost anywhere between £7,000 and £13,000.  A survey would need to be undertaken to give you an exact cost and to check whether your home is suitable.  If you are eligible for the grant, you will have £7,500 towards the cost, leaving a shortfall for you to pay.

Benefit from 0% VAT when you install energy efficiency measures

Now is the perfect time to consider upgrading the energy efficiency of your home.  Not only because energy bills are rising at an incredible rate, but you can also benefit from 0% VAT thanks to an announcement made by the government.  This VAT cut will be available from 1 April 2022 until 2027.  As a result, households looking to upgrade the energy efficiency of their homes will benefit from further savings with this recent incentive.  This is applicable when installing insulation and renewable measures.

Will I need to change my Radiators when installing an Air Source Heat Pump?

Many installers advise that you would get the best performance by pairing your heat pump with underfloor heating. This is a great method for larger rooms with lots of floor space.

  • Heat pumps are more efficient than other heating systems
  • Better for the environment and your carbon footprint
  • Heat pumps also provide cool air for the summer months
  • Funding is available through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme
  • Benefit from 0% VAT
What is an air source heat pump?

Before you decide an air source heat pump is the right choice for you, a FREE home survey is available to see how suitable your home is. There are many things that need to be assessed to understand how much it would cost and what level of grant funding is available to you.

Frequently asked questions

Please read the frequently asked questions from our customers below

Are Air Source Heat Pumps expensive to run?

Air source heat pumps are one of the most efficient ways to heat your home, making the running costs far lower than what you’d typically pay for your heating system. If this appliance was combined with solar panels and a battery system, you would get a great benefit from using  ASHP

Are your installers employed by you?

Yes.  Our professional employed teams are trained to the highest standards.

Do ASHP work with radiators and underfloor heating?

They work with both but there are different types of heat pumps that work particular to each system. This is something that the Dyson support team can advise you about once we provide you with your FREE home survey.

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