You could be eligible for new FREE central heating
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First time central heating

You could be eligible for a FREE central heating system*

A first-time central heating system is applicable to you if you have no heating system in your property, a system that doesn’t include a boiler and radiators or a system fuelled by other heating sources other than gas (e.g., electric, LPG, solid fossil fuel).

As long as you have gas to the property, we can install a full central heating system, which includes a boiler, radiators, programmer and thermostatic radiator controls.

You may be eligible for funding through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) if you meet certain qualifying criteria.

Central Heating Grants

First-time central heating grants are available for qualifying householders, through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO); an obligation placed by the government on the energy suppliers, to provide funding for energy efficiency measures. These grants help low-income households in England, Scotland and Wales, to access funding to install central heating.

Do you need a gas connection?

To get your property connected to a gas supply you’ll need to contact your local distribution network operator known as a DNO.

Your local DNO operates the infrastructure that delivers gas to your property.  You can find your DNO here – Map of gas distribution networks

There are also grants available for new gas connections and you would need to consult your DNO for further advice as funding does vary from each network.

Do you need more information?

Frequently asked questions

Are there grants available for first time central heating systems?

Yes, there are.  If you or a member of your household is on a qualifying benefit, and you are a homeowner or private tenant, you may qualify for a free first-time central heating system through the government Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme.  Check out our ECO funding page for further details and to see if you meet the qualifying criteria.

What would I do if I had no gas connection?

If you have no gas connection to your property, you will need to arrange a gas connection and meter to be installed.  These works may be funded by the network operator.  Dyson’s can guide and support you through this journey.

How many radiators could I have installed?

The number and size of radiators required to heat your home, is dependent on the size of the property, the size of each room and the boiler you are having installed.  Our heating surveyor would check and recommend the best solution at the point of survey.

Are your engineers employed by you?

All our heating engineers are employed by us and trained to the highest standards.

*Subject to qualifying criteria, property suitability and funding

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