Kate Eckersley

Head of Marketing
Kate Eckesley

Head of Marketing

In Kate’s role as Head of Marketing for Dyson Energy Services, she is responsible for the company’s marketing strategy, raising the company profile and increasing brand awareness.  She manages the marketing function across our channels including digital estate, social media, and content strategy.
Kate is an experienced Marketing and Communications professional, with a background in both B2C and B2B environments, with a genuine passion for putting people at the heart of communications.  She has years of experience working in the energy efficiency industry and has a genuine passion for the impact our work has on tackling fuel poverty.
Kate is a proud member of the Insulation Assurance Authority Marketing Committee; an industry-wide committee set up to discuss how we can effectively collaborate to promote whole house retrofit to consumers and share best practice across industry.


Phone : 0800 833 018
Email : sales@dyson-energy.co.uk