I joined Dyson Energy Services six months ago after attending a Green Skills Bootcamp. Joining Dyson has been career-changing for me personally. Being able to help communities very similar to the ones I was raised in has such a rewarding feeling. That feeling of making a difference.

Adam Breagan Installer at Dyson Energy Services
Adam BreaganInstaller

I’m proud of my continued personal development and career journey to date. I am delighted to work for an organisation that invests in its people. I initially trained as a Cavity Wall Insulation Technician 14 years ago and progressed to the Head Of Quality and Supervision role. I would encourage anyone looking for a new career with longevity and that makes a difference, to join the energy efficiency industry. Knowing that we can all make a difference in not only helping householders who are in fuel poverty but also assisting in reducing carbon emissions.


Head of Quality and Supervision
MarcHead of Quality And Supervision

I joined Dyson Energy Services over 21 years ago. My role as a Loft Insulation Technician means that I am out and about in different locations meeting new people each day. I enjoy interacting with customers and knowing that I am playing a part in helping lower customer energy bills. This gives me job satisfaction.

Paul - cavity insulation installer
PaulLoft Insulation Technician