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Free Room in Roof Insulation*

  • Includes sloping and upright areas
  • Grants for all homes regardless of income
  • Enhanced grants for people on benefit
  • Save up to 30% on your heating bills

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Improve your energy efficiency with funded Room in Roof Insulation*

Is the money you are spending on heating your home, escaping through your roof room?
Fitting Insulation Between Roof Joists

Do you have a dormer bungalow or another property which has a room in the roof?  Fed up that grants normally only cover laying insulation in the easy flat parts of the loft?  Well, be fed up no more!  Dyson Energy Services can now offer grants for all homes to insulate the whole room in roof area including the sloping areas, dormer windows and gable walls.

*The work could be free of charge, but this depends on the cost of the works, how big your home is and what your main source of heating is.  Whilst you do not need to be on a benefit to get a room in roof insulation grant if you are on a benefit the grants are higher.  Homes heated by mains gas get smaller grants than homes heated by more expensive fuels such as electric, but depending on how much work is involved, gas homes may still be able to get the works for free so call now to find out more on 0800 833 018.

How do you insulate the sloping areas?

We typically would install a new layer of plasterboard with an insulation layer over the top of your existing sloping ceilings or, depending on the amount of space available, we may be able to insulate between the tiles and sloping ceilings

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